TTB interviewed on 882 6PR Radio

Team Building Interview on Radio

Jason Theaker was this week interviewed on Perth’s Baz and Millsy’s 6PR breakfast radio program. The topic of team building came into question when prime minister Tony Abbott suggested that the next time all the State Premiers catch up they will be going on a leadership retreat. Have a listen to how the interview panned […]

Are Introverted Leaders Better?

Are intoverts better leaders

Over the years we seem to have developed this culture and belief that extroverts make better leaders?  Susan Cain presented a keynote speech on “The Power Introverts” which puts forth a pretty intriguing and thought provoking case as to how we see and value introverts within a team or organisation especially when it comes to […]

Rio Tinto Team Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to the team from Rio Tinto ATM for a fun filled afternoon during their Scavenger Hunt through Perth on Friday. 14 teams challenged to become champions and earn the most amount of points over the course of all missions. There can however only be one winner and on this occasion that was Team 11 […]

HSBC Perth – Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build

Another fantastic Charity Bike Build program in Perth this week. 3 bikes built and given away to The Make a Wish Foundation, a pivotal piece of the puzzle that allows this amazing organisation to continue granting the wishes of children in need. Although there were 3 teams competing, we had our first ever clean sweep […]

CSL – Charity Bike Build


The staff at CSL worked hard today in their Charity Bike Build program in Melbourne. The 7 teams completed activities to earn pieces of a children’s bike. Once all were completed the teams set out building the bikes as best they could. The special moment followed as the bikes were then donated to the Bully […]

Woodside Energy – Scavenger Hunt Program

Scavenger Hunt

The team from Woodside Energy had a fantastic morning in Perth CBD yesterday during their Scavenger Hunt. After finding the required locations, taking photo’s and collecting their items, their hunt concluding up in Kings Park where the scores were tallied. The PINK TEAM were lucky enough to take out the top prize with a total […]