Charity Survivor

Survivor Team Building Activities

Can your team Outwit, Outplay & Outlast all other tribes to make a difference?

This is Survivor with a twist! Your aim in this program is to build “Survival Packs” which will ultimately be donated to a local charity to assist people living and surviving on the streets.

Each team’s objective is to be the first to fill their backpack with a variety of “survival” items. Each team must collect a specified number of items and depending on their success at each activity, they will earn a particular number of them and add them to their backpack.

The final challenge of the day will be the trivia based tribal council where the goal is not to vote people out but to collect any remaining backpack items. The team who fills their backpack first will be the winners, however the charity and the people living on our streets will be the real winners when they receive your extremely generous and much needed supplies.

Outcomes: Teamwork, Trust, Communication, Teamwork

Survivor is perfect for:

  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Charity Team Building
  • Corporate & Social Events
Standard Activity Time: 2 - 3 Hours

Group Size: 6+
Location: Outdoor

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