Level Up

Level Up Indoor Team Building Activity

Level Up is a highly engaging and high tempo game that creates great energy and atmosphere!

With a huge mix of challenges and utilising the latest in technology the aim of the game is simple … level your way up the board to score as many points as possible before the time runs out.
On the game board, challenges are divided into 5 different categories – Physical, Cerebral, Creative, Observational & Pot Luck. Packed with questions, challenges and loads of fun, the objective of the game is to work your way up the 5 levels. Every time you “Level Up!” the more points you can score…but the more difficult the challenges and questions become!

Team strategy is the key to winning this game so will your group opt for a multitude of easy challenges, or will they choose the path less travelled and choose the harder challenges and be handsomely rewarded for their efforts?

This high energy challenge will help participants master delegation, time management, strategic planning and team work. Most importantly teams will have loads of fun and will feel motivated.

Level Up is the perfect indoor event that can be played just about anywhere and is ideal for a range of different events such as conference energisers, corporate team building, social events and Xmas parties. There’s something for everyone in this fun, frenetic activity and it’s sure to be a hit!

Outcomes: Fun, Time Management, Strategy, Collaboration, Creativity, Teamwork, Risk/Reward

Level Up is perfect for:

  • Indoor Team Building
  • Online Virtual Events
  • Energisers & Social Events.
Standard Activity Time: 2 - 3 Hours
Group Size: 6+

Location: Virtual & Indoor

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