Urban Explorer

Outdoor Urban Scavenger Hunt Activity

Take to the streets with our Urban Explorer Scavenger Hunt activity!

The Urban Explorer is an outdoor scavenger hunt style challenge which can be played around any town or city. Using a smartphone and our interactive app, players will use the map in the app to navigate to 12 GPS activated hotspot locations in order to unlock a series of tasks and challenges. Tasks will require teams to be creative, resourceful and strategic as they explore and discover the local area. 

As teams complete each hotspot, they will unlock and collect virtual scavenger hunt items. These items are needed to help answer a bonus task at the end of the activity. The more items they have collected, the more chance they have of getting the answer correct to score bonus points. The team with the most points at the end of the activity will be crowned the winners!

The urban explorer offers you so much flexibility in that it can start and finish in any location and is suitable for all age and fitness levels. It has a really good mix of fun activities to ensure maximum participation and engagement. This program also offers both facilitated and remotely-managed options to suit your budget. So are you ready to get out and about on our Urban Explorer? 

Outcomes: Time Management, Planning, Leadership, Teamwork

Urban Explorer is perfect for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Energisers & Social Events.
Urban Explorer Team Building Scavenger Hunt Activity
Standard Activity Time: 2 - 3 Hours

Group Size: 6+
Location: Outdoor

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Here is just a sample of what our past clients felt about our programs.

Tuart Forest recently engaged Total Team Building to provide advice and deliver a program to meet wellbeing and team building objectives within our organisation. The advice provided was based on hearing our needs and adjusting to meet those needs accordingly. The communication and expertise around this process was exemplary and they essentially managed the structure from that point forward. The Adventure Quest activity was custom made to suit our people/ goals, superbly delivered with all material and resources provided and Darren’s coordination/ delivery spot on for our adult audience. The compilation of photos and videos have become a resource in themselves and are still a source of great amusement for our staff who have not stopped talking about the day. I thoroughly recommend TTB to any organisation that values time together with staff, bonding opportunities and a healthy infusion of mobile technology to cap it off. Fantastic!

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I’d like to share my experience working with Katie and Darren from Total Team Building. Together, we’ve run three programes for three very different teams. One of these days comprised a full day event beginning with a bridge building exercise and finishing off with the Adventure Quest. The Adventure Quest, a modern 21st century take on a treasure hunt. Each team followed a route around Kings Park. During the event, the facilitator inserted random clues that were specific to individuals or teams such as cryptic clues, finding nicknames, random SCADA facts and so on – it was very interactive and as communication engineers, they loved it. A huge advantage was that the teams were in constant communication with us and the other teams which generated friendly competition and a sense of ‘One team”
For me as the organiser, having a digital event with instant messaging meant that I was able to better understand the personalities within the teams and come up with ongoing strategies to support them to achieve their business deliverables. For the teams, it was a fun walk in the park where groups worked together solving clues whilst getting to know each other. For a fun outdoor event with a modern twist, I’d recommend Total Team building’s Adventure Quest.

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