Advantages To Outdoor Team Building Programs

Any organisation or corporation has groups. These groups build the entire structure of a corporation, starting from the leaders down to their members. We see them more as employees whereas the higher ups serve as leaders of a department, a branch, or a site. Under them are members who work together for certain goals and projects. This typical structure is the backbone of any company.

Similar to a human backbone, this corporate structure must be kept healthy to maintain the company’s stability. Otherwise, the structure will break down and the company will be unable to achieve its vision. This is where outdoor team building activities come in.

outdoor team activitiesHere, at Total Team Building, we strongly promote the importance of group development not only for corporate groups but for any organisations that share a common goal. We believe that a group will surely fail to meet its goal without proper coordination between its leader and members. They need to develop certain mindsets and behaviors in order to bring the group’s 100% efficiency. This is why we created numerous fun outdoor team games that you can customise for your needs.

Advantages of Team Building Outdoors

Activities that focus on group development can grant you necessary skills in collaborating with your teammates. In the same manner, you will be able to establish deeper trust towards them and their capabilities. Let us show you the different advantages of team building activities, especially, for your group.

Increased Productivity

Ever since, the main goal of outdoor team building games has been to enhance the overall productivity of the group. Every member of the group will develop a sense of teamwork, allowing the entire group to perform efficiently. You no longer need to spend more time correcting them because mistakes will occur less often. They will also learn how to divide the project into individual tasks according to each member’s skills and capabilities. This will prevent them from overlapping and repeating other’s work. Team building activities help groups in establishing guidelines to improve productivity and performance.

• Improved Team Motivation

Activities for group development also improve the overall motivation of the group. This occurs whenever the group finishes certain challenges during the activity. Members become more confident and highly motivated. The fact that the company allows them to participate in fun outdoor team building activities makes them feel important and appreciated. Developing trust between team members can also boost their individual motivation because they will feel more comfortable working with one another.

• Developing Problem Solving Skills

These activities also promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. Groups are challenged with problems, in the form of games, situations, questions, and events, that they need to solve as a group. The skills they develop during the activity will surely integrate with their working performances – providing your company with a highly efficient work unit.

• Promoting Creativity

Most outdoor team building activities bring participants into a whole new setting, away from the stressful environment. They will be asked to use limited resources to finish tasks during the event. This will trigger their creativity which will also help them in becoming more productive in their working environment.

The Process of Group Development

In order to bring the advantages of these activities, the whole event should use the solid infrastructure of group dynamics. It includes the 5 phases of group development. They are as follows:

1. Forming
2. Storming
3. Norming
4. Performing
5. Adjourning

Forming begins at the very start of the activity. This is when participants, disregarding everyone’s current relationship with one another, introduce themselves. This phase promotes interaction with one another, making it easier for them to handle tasks later on.

Storming is when participants begin to relay their ideas to the group. The goal here is for them to discover the potential leaders in their team. There will be conflicts during this phase but once the Norming takes place, the team will develop a leader whom they will follow. And then, Performing comes in. This phase is when they execute the steps that they made to achieve their goals. Lastly, Adjourning comes to play when they finish or fail the activity. This is when they have to review how effective they were as a group and what factors contributed to their group success or failure.

Activities with similar structure guarantee better results and this is what we provide here in Total Team Building. Aside from the typical group activities, we also allow you to choose the most fitting activity for your group.

CHARITY TREASURE HUNTCharitable Team Building Activities

If your company promotes corporate responsibility, then, choosing charitable activities while developing the sense of teamwork suits best. We combined both team building and charitable activities so that you can both develop external and internal corporate responsibilities without doubling the costs.

One of our charitable activities is the Charity Treasure Hunt. Similar to the original activity, participants will be asked to look for clues and make their way to the hidden treasure. They need to look for the key first though. The real twist here is the hidden reward that waits inside the box. They have no idea that part of the prize will go to the charity of their choice and they can also decide how much will go to the team. In other words, you have the freedom to customise the activity.

Other Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities

We also cater corporate events such as Christmas parties. Unlike the regular party, we incorporate team building activities in the event. You may choose amongst our preset event ideas:

• Charity Bike Build
• Treasure Hunt
• Sports Battle
Scavenger Hunt
• Go Race
• The Rat Race
• Bare Foot Bowls
• Bare Foot Bocce

We give you the freedom to personalise your event as you see it fit. Call us now at 0403-259-090 (Perth/Adelaide) or at 0430-771-155 (Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/ACT/TAS) and get your questions answered. We will make sure that you will get the most out of your investments.

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