4 Guidelines To Help You Run Successful Indoor Team Building Events

If you have been given the task of organizing an indoor team building activity there are generally four foundational guidelines that you can follow to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. So no matter if you are doing team building activities for large groups or small, the same principles apply.

Guidelines for indoor team building activitiesHow to Deal with Challenges?

We consider organisation the key component to delivering fun indoor team building activities. When they are planned properly all scenarios are taken into consideration and this allows you to adapt on the day of your indoor event. Here are the most common obstacles you will encounter and how you can solve them.

1. Participation

Any activity can be ineffective if participants don’t cooperate. No matter what you do, you will find it difficult to get them participating unless, you follow these guidelines:

  • Explain to them the main goal of the activities.
  • If applicable, let the timid participants perform / share first. You can also volunteer before them to show that they can do it as well.
  • Always remind them that team building requires everyone to participate in order to become successful. Assure them that you won’t let anyone be embarrassed or be left out.
  • It must be fun, engaging and cater for different types of demographics and skill levels.

2. Instructions

Sometimes, participants find it difficult to cooperate because you failed to provide instructions clearly. To avoid this, simply follow these tips:

  • Always give directions slowly. You can pause right after each instruction to allow them to understand it first.
  • Don’t hesitate to repeat each instruction even if they appear to be obvious.
  • Make sure that difficult directions are contextualised.
  • Explain in the various learning modalities, ie visual, auditory and kinesthetic

3. Resources

Aside from the participants’ willingness and your clarity, another challenge for indoor team building activities for corporates is the materials. Here are some guidelines to conquer this obstacle.

  • Don’t forget to bring extra materials more than what is enough for your participants.
  • Do the activity by yourself first with the use of the actual materials.
  • Have answers, marking sheets and scorecards on hand to assist you with keeping track and staying organised.
  • Have all activities along with instructions set up and ready to go.
  • Have a well planned schedule to keep you on track and on time.

4. Contribution

Unlike participation, this challenge refers to the ability of participants in contributing their thoughts and experiences during the event and during debriefing period (if applicable). Here are some tips you can use:

  • Provide teams with discussion/planning time where all team members can freely share their ideas & thoughts.
  • Encourage open communication & positive re-enforcement.
  • When asking questions for reflection, do not reword the question as you repeat it unless someone admits that he didn’t understand it. You should pause after each question, however, to allow them to think.
  • Always share your observations and feelings first before asking them for theirs.
  • If no one has the courage to volunteer, then, feel free to call a name and wait for his response.

These 4 guideline will set the foundation that will help you when establishing a successful indoor team building activity.

What we have in store for you?

Total Team Building offers a range of indoor events that can suit your corporate needs. Here are our most popular indoor activities you can choose from:

Based from the popular television show “Minute to Win It”, this indoor activity will boost your group’s sense of teamwork. The activity will also help each member understand their colleagues, especially, with regards to each other’s weaknesses and strengths. We believe that well-prepared teams are more enthusiastic to participate than unprepared groups. With that in mind, we allow competing groups to practice before their event so that they can develop their skills.

Another indoor team activity that will bring out the creativeness of your work unit is The Amazing Cake Off. This activity features 3 stages: preparation, planning and decorating. All three will challenge your delegates in different ways. It deepens the camaraderie between group members while promoting creativity, trust, patience and  time management.

If you want to develop efficient teamwork between the old and the young members of your group, then, this indoor activity is right for you. We designed old school and new school trivia that will challenge the knowledge of every participant. This is the perfect activity during dinner.

This powerful and emotional activity will unite teams. The power of this program lies in the giving as the teams work by building bikes to give away to some worthy children.

If you would like to outsource and hire a professional company to run your next indoor team building event, Call Total Team Building on 0403-259-090 or at 0430-771-155 and we will help you plan for your next indoor team building activities. We also have outdoors programs that you can consider as well.

Here at Total Team Building, we allow you to customise your corporate team building events. We believe that you know what your groups need better than anyone else. That is why we prefer to plan with you so that we can get the most out of your chosen activities.

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