Infuse Fun Group Activities Into The Workplace

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. – Mattie Stepanek

The influx of young, hip entrepreneurs hitting it big is changing the ambiance of the workplace. Google is remarkable for changing the landscape because GooglePlex is not your traditional office. It is designed and equipped to foster creativity among its employees through group bonding activities. It has swimming pools and volleyball courts, among other facilities. Sounds fun, right?

Tony Shieh of Zappos’ does away with cubicles. He shares desk with his employees. He is big on the corporate culture of happiness and openness in the workplace and having an open space ensures that he is easily accessible.

Google and Zappos are just two of the companies that are promoting casual, fun but still results-oriented workplace. But not many companies can adopt these practices and facilities. Not all businesses can be casual and remain profitable. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot infuse fun group activities in your company. Nor does it mean that you have to limit your corporate group activities to Christmas and Halloween parties.

Fun Group ActivitiesThere’s team building to bridge that gap. This is a group activity that can offer you a lot of opportunities so that you can create a team that performs well while having fun. It also solves problems and conflicts that your team members are experiencing that hamper their performance in the office.

Not only that, but a meaningful group activity can also effectively boost your employees’ morale and happiness factor. Many employees feel alienated from their work that’s why there are two guaranteed results: poor performance and job resignations.

Thus, it is important that you create a team that is more than a collection of individuals working in the same office. Team building will ensure that your team members are working together towards a common goal by utilizing individual strengths and core competencies. It is a process that will enable your team to reach your company’s goals.

Fun Group Activities

A group activity paves the way for cooperation among your team members. In the office, they have separate tasks that, more often than not, are interrelated. It is important that your team members work together instead of against each other for your business to grow and run smoothly.

One of the common mistakes that many managers make is not putting any thoughts on their team building. Team building is much more than doing things together outside of the office. Thus, team members go back to the office not benefitting at all from the group activity. They could have felt energised, inspired, and enthusiastic after the team building activity.

A specially designed team building is composed of group bonding activities that will eliminate any uneasiness and reservations among your team members. It is tailored fit to your team members’ interests and hobbies to ensure that each group activity will give you your desired results.

This is where our expertise lies. We put fun in group bonding activities! We understand the importance of your employees to your overall business operations. We know that the success of your company is also anchored on how well your team members perform.

We take into consideration your team building objectives and the different personalities of your team members. We ensure that every group activity is something that your team members would like to participate in.

Problem Solving ActivitiesProblem Solving Activities

Everyone in your company should be able to solve problems encountered at work. Empowering your employees will increase efficiency and effectiveness in your office. Not all problems should be raised to the management level. Some problems require immediate attention, and your employees should be able to address these.

Customer dissatisfaction arises from problems that take too long to be resolved. This gives a sense of inefficiency of your business operations in the eyes of your customers. There’s plenty of competition in the market and your customers can easily take their business elsewhere.

Internally, your employees should be equipped to handle problems without needing your guide every step of the way. Your employees don’t need to be handheld and spoon fed if you will be able to harness their potentials.

And we can help you with that! We have problem solving activities that we can incorporate in your team building. These group bonding activities will develop and challenge your team members’ analytical skills. These are guaranteed to stimulate their critical thinking while fostering cooperation. Your team members will learn how to identify problems and come up with solutionss effectively without getting aggressive and offensive.

What Can We Do for You?

Total Team Building can create a tailored fit fun group activities and problem solving activities for your team. We know that these are critical areas that need to be addressed to make sure that your team will perform at its best.

We can do a consultation (this is highly recommended!) with you so that we can plan your team building. We cannot overly stress how important it is that your team building is well-planned and well-suited for your team. Your team has different needs from other teams so you cannot rely on one size fits all team building programme. Your team members have different interests and personalities, and we are going to take these in consideration when planning your team building. We don’t want even one team member to feel left out because that’s not what team building is about!

Avoid the pitfall of having a generic team building. You don’t want to waste your valuable resource! Contact us for more information about our group bonding activities that your team will surely love and enjoy. Our team of experts will collaborate with you so that your employees will experience a team building they will remember and will talk about even after you’ve gone back to the office.

We assure you that your team will appreciate the importance of collaboration and cooperation after your team building session. Have we mentioned that we are going to make it fun, fun, fun? That’s our promise!

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