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The Most Popular Team Building Program

Scavenger hunts are arguably one of the most popular types of team building programs you can do. They can be modified and tailored to suit any type of theme and is one where you can’t go wrong. If you are thinking of running a scavenger hunt for your next corporate event, one thing is for sure, its an event that is high energy, provides great variety, fun and healthy competition for everyone.

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activity

What Does a Scavenger Hunt Typically Consist Of?

That’s a great question.Typically a scavenger hunt is a points-based program whereby the team that accrues the most points wins. The way teams earn points is by completing a number of different challenges within their scavenger hunt book or task sheet. These challenges and tasks can be pretty much anything and everything so it really comes down to the organisers imagination as to what teams need to collect or do.

Below you will find a short list of the more popular scavenger hunt ideas which make for a good mix of activities:

  • Photo Challenges – This involves taking team photos at certain landmarks, statues or doing certain tasks.
  • Novelty Challenges – This involves collecting & resourcing certain items and bringing them to the finish.
  • Local Trivia – This involves answering certain local trivia & information.
  • Team Building Games – Mini team activities where all participants must work together to earn the maximum number of points.

Types of Scavenger Hunts

At total team building, we specialise in a number of different types of scavenger hunt type & transitional style events that you can enjoy. We have our traditional style scavenger hunt, we have our Adventure Quest which is a mobile app version and we have our Amazing Race type formats that are similar to a scavenger hunt. Other formats that are closely related include The Ransom & Treasure Hunt.


Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable team building event, you can’t go wrong with one of our scavenger hunts.

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The Importance of Choosing The Right Team Building Activities For Your Team!

Team Building for Corporates and businesses has changed a lot over the last decade and during that time we are seeing differences in the styles of programs on offer. In the past Teambuilding was seen more of as structured theory based sessions & exercises such as personality profiling and other testing type procedures. Personally I think these types of tools are a great medium to discover more about yourself and your fellow peers and they definitely have their place but not in all circumstances. Unfortunately, this style of a session is not always received well by staff and attendees as not everyone enjoys being psychoanalysed and this is why this style of team building can sometimes be seen in a negative light and in some cases may not be the most effective for your needs.

Choosing The Right Team Building Activities

Luckily nowadays there are different options available to organisations that can tackle team building in a more subtle and subconscious way that are more readily adopted by participants. Below you will find some of these other types and styles of programs.

Theme Based Events:

With work environments often being quite stressful nowadays we are finding the more fun based themed activities are the types of events companies and businesses are choosing. Often these programs are modified versions of popular TV shows which are great because people can quite often relate straight away and they actually get quite excited at the prospect of participating in a program that is modeled off their favorite tv show. Programs like the Amazing Race, Survivor, MasterChef are examples of this type of events.

Charity Based Programs:

Companies nowadays are quite big on the corporate social responsibility side of their business and they know the importance of giving back to the community in any way they can. This is why charity team building events have become really popular especially programs like Charity Bike Build where bikes are built and donated to some deserving kids from a local charity. Again these programs are a lot of fun but also has the heartfelt emotion attached to it that makes them quite powerful from a team perspective.

Ultimately though it all boils down to the overall outcomes and objectives.These days team building providers need to be quite adaptable. some companies want just purely fun whilst others like to work on specific elements like communication, leadership etc… The trick it to have the balance of keeping it fun & interactive but at the same time working on the elements of teamwork in an experiential way. The fact of the matter is we can’t always predict how individuals are going to operate in a team setting unless we put them in that situation and from this, we can gain a better insight.

By using more interactive and recreational based activities, everyone is able to learn how each person is able to pick up a task, assesses what’s needs to be done, how they formulate a strategy, how they communicate it with the rest of the team, how they follow it through to completion and finally how they review the result with regards to what worked, what didn’t and how it could be done differently.

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