Team Building Activities: Simple Ways to Make Conferences Fun

According to American psychiatrist William Glasser, man is “driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.” It’s interesting to note that these genetic needs are varied but true at any point and part of our lives. Our efforts are concentrated and directed on fulfilling these needs whatever our station in life is.

Even in the corporate world, we strive to fulfill these genetic needs. We do our best to keep our jobs (survival). We long to have good rapport with our office mates (love and belonging). We fight our way to get promoted and reach the top (power). We wait for 5p.m. to be free of work. That’s a half-meant joke, but we work hard to have financial freedom in the future. And yes fun! We view fun in different ways, but we all want it.

boredomTotal Team Building specialises in building winning teams in an engaging way, but we didn’t realise that we are meeting man’s five genetic needs. Just kidding! We don’t do team building haphazardly. Our easy team building activities are carefully planned to make sure that they are meaningful and that your employees will learn from them in a fun way.

We know what we are doing and when we designed our exciting team building activities, we took into great consideration two main things: psychology of employees from all levels, and business needs.

“Conferences are Boring!”

If your business always takes you away on conferences or your company always holds conferences that you have to attend, we know how boring those can be. There are countless speakers, information overload, awkward lulls in the programme, and probably bland buffet at lunchtime. The silver lining in the dark clouds of boredom is the after-conferences drinks at night with other attendees.

“I dread attending conferences. Whenever my boss would tell me that he’s sending me to a conference, I’m always mentally banging my head against the wall! Conferences are so boring and exhausting. I haven’t attended a conference yet that I have enjoyed.” Courtney K., 28, complained. She has been a sales executive for two years.

On the other hand, Mark S., 32, a marketing executive, has this to say: “Conferences are a pain! The schedules are so cramped that it gets very tiring, yet all you do is sit there and pretend to listen. I always find myself taking frequent bathroom breaks just to get a breather. I hope organizers would ever think about having games or simple team building exercises. That would be cool.”

“Conferences are difficult to organize. There are logistical aspects that you have to consider so that there will be a lot of participants. As much as we would like to have a decent interval between speakers, we have to make the conferences as short as humanly possible. We can’t keep these participants, who are employees of different companies, away from their jobs for too long.” explained Hannah B., 35, a conference organizer.

“Conferences are Never Going to Be Boring Again!”

charity team building

Multi-company or large company conferences are a good way to expand your network in a bigger level. You will have the perfect chance to rub elbows with the important or major people in your field or organisation. This chance of networking can help your career and your company in a great way.

If a conference is done right, it can also be a way to de-stress because going away on a conference can be some sort of a vacation from your work desk. A quick change of environment can be invigorating and will give you an extra boost in spirit when you get back to the office.

We heard Courtney, Mark and Hannah even before we interviewed them because this is a common occurrence (read complaints) in conferences. Yet, conferences are a staple in the corporate world and in any organization. You simply cannot escape organizing and attending one. They have their benefits, but yes, there are several downsides and based on the interviews, boredom is the main culprit.

That’s why we are also offering conference team building activities to break the monotony of traditional conferences, which gets in the way of the objective of the conferences. We have incredible icebreakers and exciting team building activities facilitated by our team of professionals who know what fun is really about.

Contact us so that we can discuss with you how your conference attendees will say that the event is far from boring and unexpected. We have funny team building activities that are well-suited to conferences. You can easily squeeze our activities in your schedule to break what used to be an endless parade of speakers.

Our conference team building activities can be tailored fit according to your conference themes. We don’t want these activities to stick out like a sore thumb or out of place in your programme. Every activity is going to be meaningful, timely and exciting. We assure you that our inclusion in your programme is going to be seamless and painless!

But we are not limited to conferences. Anytime you need a breather from work, we have funny team building activities that are guaranteed to tickle your employees’ funny bones! We mastered the art of group fun and we want you to experience it too with your employees. No group has spent time with us and left unsatisfied and not a little bit happily tired.

If there’s a noob in your team and you want to welcome him or her through a team building event, we can easily manage that too! Or if there’s conflict within your team members that’s getting in the way of their performance, we can resolve that with our various problem-solving activities.

Whatever your team needs, Total Team Building has something exciting for you. Contact us and let’s start planning exciting team building activities for your conference and for your company!

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