10 Objectives Of Great Team Building Activities for Work

Strength of team workTeam building activities for work are essential components of organisational psychology. Poor performance, interoffice conflict, tardiness, absenteeism, and attrition are problems affecting any workplace. But even if you already have a winning team, you cannot skip on team building activities so that your team will stay on the top.

Team building is a good, creative alternative to achieving results outside of the office. Not all corporate problems, concerns, and issues can be resolved by memos, meetings and trainings. Sometimes, you need to take your team outside the comforts – and discomforts – of the office. A change of environment is what your team needs. Team interaction is also enhanced when individuals are given the chance to bond outside the confines of their cubicles.

There are various team work activities that can address your team’s needs. A relaxed atmosphere will make your team open up more. Remember that a happy and satisfied employee becomes a valuable member of the team.

10 Objectives of Great Team Building Activities for Work

  1. For the team members to know each other better
  2. To help each individual to know more about their strengths and weaknesses, and how these can help them grow
  3. To identify the strengths of the team members and to utilize them in achieving corporate goals
  4. To teach self-regulation to the team
  5. To develop and enhance effective communication between members of the team
  6. To motivate the team and boost their morale
  7. To develop team collaboration
  8. To make the workplace more enjoyable and peaceful for the team members
  9. To improve and maximize the team’s output and productivity
  10. To set goals and for every member of the team to commit to these goals

Best Team Building Activities for Work

1) Decision making and problem solving activities

Decision making and problem solving used to be the sole responsibility of the manager. Empowering your team in these areas can take a heavy load off your back and give you more time to work and focus on other business functions that require your special attention. Delegating certain tasks and ensuring that your team would know how to make decisions and solve problems can maximize time and results. It is also important that your team is proactive enough to solve a problem that hasn’t arisen yet. This foresight stops a potential problem from reaching and affecting your customers.

2) Communication activities

A breakdown in communication is a factor in poor performance and conflicts. As a manager, how many times have you experienced below par results from your team because of miscommunication? How many times have you settled and pacified customers from undelivered orders because of miscommunication? A team communicating well can achieve results than a team that doesn’t. Effective communication makes the business function better, smoother and faster. Effectively communicating ideas and experiences can help in achieving your targets. It also helps avoid interoffice conflicts that can harm your operations.

3) Strategic planning activities

Hands-on participation from your team is a valuable asset. Your business can benefit from the diversity of opinions and knowledge, and this is a potential you should tap into. A team that can collaborate on strategic planning ensures that everyone is on the same page and agrees on the overall direction of the team. A team that contributes is a team that cooperates.

4) Adaptability to change activities

The success of any business also lies in change management. The business world is evolving and consumer needs are constantly changing, and to continue doing the same business strategies can spell disaster for your company. Teaching your team to adapt to changes can keep you at par with the changes in the outside world. Refusing to change can hasten your way to extinction.

5) Trust activities

Team members that have little trust with each other will function at the minimal level. Lack of trust reduces them to nine-to-fivers staring at the clock waiting for breaks, lunches, and going home. They can be holding back important information that could have otherwise helped your business operations. Trust is essential in any forms of relationships, and your team is no exception.

6) Morale building activities

A team that has high morale is a team that performs. Employee satisfaction is a success factor. It makes your employees committed to your business goals. It makes them care enough to bring to your attention some concerns that you could have missed. It makes them stay in your company and exceed your expectations. It helps them internalize corporate values and strive for performance excellence.

7) Conflict resolution activities

Your team is composed of individuals with different personalities, thus conflict is inevitable. The solution is not to create a team with the same personalities because that will kill creativity and bring monotony to your organisation. The key is in knowing how to resolve these conflicts while boosting individuality.

What Can We Do for You?

A lot! Total Team Building offers a lot of great team building activities for work that can be tailored fit to your organisation’s needs. We take into consideration your team building objectives and the personalities of your team members so that we can maximize the results.

We make team work activities a lot more fun and more than what your team is expecting. We designed these activities with organisational psychology in mind. We bring fun and excitement in building your winning team and making them more cohesive.

Aside from indoor and charity activities, we also have outdoor team building activities for work. Our most requested outdoor activity is our Scavenger Hunts. We take you and your team out of your office and into the crazy world of fun in the city. We will take you to places in the city that you never knew existed!

Contact us for more information about our team building activities for work, and let us take the responsibility off your back. We want you, as the manager, to have fun and relax with your team too! We assure you that your team members will go back to the office renewed and refreshed.

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