Total Team Building

We really enjoyed the day. It went really well, and students had a fabulous day. They are still talking about it. They were challenged and did activities they don’t get to do at school that had them problem solving within a group which allowed them to build stronger relationships with their peers. They had a clear outline for the day which allowed students to participate in all activities. A little extra time allocated to the last activity would help improve the day as many groups found this very challenging. They kept timers running and kept students informed for all the other challenges, which was great for keeping things on track. They were both great. They were encouraging of students, supported the groups that needed some extra support and challenged the teams that didn’t. They spoke clearly and expressed expectations and instructions well. They were able to build up a great rapport with the students and stayed upbeat throughout the day.  Thank you for the day. We appreciate all the really fun activities you did with the students.