Laura Underwood – Administrative Support Officer

We all really enjoyed the Vault program. It was great that we all got to work together on so many activities rather than be split into smaller groups. The linkages of the activities to communication and team work in the office taught us many useful lessons. The coordination of the event was wonderful. It was so smooth and easy for us to organise. Liaising with Katie was great. She was more than happy to answer all of our questions and accommodate us. Darren’s facilitation was very well done. He explained the tasks well beforehand and gave us good direction. We probably could have had a little more engagement and help from Darren when we were struggling but understand that working it out ourselves was the whole idea. Darren’s ‘debrief’ at the end was very good. It was really important to share what we had learnt with each other and also have him share his observations as well. Darren is a great communicator and the tasks were really fun and a great way to break the ice with each other (especially doing the leg tie one first).