Lesley Thornton - School of Occupational Therapy & Social Work

Our team decided to try our hand at Barefoot Bowling. We attended the Dalkeith/Nedlands bowling club which was a lovely venue with stunning views. Beth from TTB met us there and we were given instructions on how to play the game by Barry from the club. Beth organized us into teams and very quickly had us all trying our hands at what turned out to be, a sport with a high degree of skill required. We all had great fun trying to master the sport and there were some surprising stars that emerged. Everyone participated with a great deal of enthusiasm and quite a lot of laughter. It was agreed that we all thought it an excellent team building exercise and a lot of fun. I found the co-ordination of the event to be extremely professional and very friendly. Beth was delightful and did a great job of keeping the ‘ball rolling’ whilst ensuring everyone had the opportunity to shine. She was very friendly and effective at keeping everyone on track.