Emma May

Our Charity Bike Build program was very well received by the team and was a fun interactive day with great team building activities. The team building activities were very engaging and time efficient to ensure the teams interest was engaged the whole time. Total Team Building would definitely be recommended by all who attended as the activities and coordination ran very smoothly and allowed all to participate including the organisers which was great! The facilitation and co-facilitation was impeccable and could not be faulted. Darren is a very great public speaker and managed to engage a very diverse team for the whole duration of the event so should be commended on this. The activities were very well designed and support was provided throughout by the facilitators if needed. Both facilitators were friendly and approachable which made a big difference to participation. A big thank you to Total Team Building for organising and facilitating such a great team building experience. It was a great touch allowing us to donate the bikes to children in departmental care it was a great eye opener to the service our organization supports. Thank you for making our team building day so successful!