Vicky Hope – Medical Imaging Technologist

The Survivor program was fun and engaging for our team. Everyone could participate in some way, shape or form.  The competitive sides of our team came out and it made for a good competition. The support into the lead up to the day and the running of the day were exceptional. Darren and Nicole were very clear with their instruction, encouraging and genuinely interested in getting to know our people. They were very efficient and flexible on the day. We have had an overwhelmingly positive feedback from our group. They really enjoyed the day and most people want to participate in a day like this again. Thank you for helping us run a successful team building event. Darren’s suggestion of dressing up and creating a chant pre-event, really made our team communicate and collaborate even before the day began! Even though some people were worried and apprehensive prior to the event, they ended up providing very positive feedback and enjoyed the day!