Vicky Hope – Medical Imaging Technologist

We had great immediate feedback from the team. They said the Adventure Quest was fun and a great way to get to know their team mates on a different level. Everyone definitely had a lot of laughs and there was a fantastic vibe in the room once the game was completed. Teams seemed to find the app easy to use and the game very easy to follow. Given the short time frame, Katie and Darren were great at suggesting and adapting an activity to suit our needs. Communication with Katie was easy and she was very supportive. Since we used TTB services last year, we knew we could rely on them to deliver a fun and successful event. Darren always has great energy and a friendly approach. He was clear on his instructions so teams could get on with tasks quickly and he also did a great wrap up at the end. This meant that night finished on a high and our team was in a happy and playful mood. I would recommend Katie and Darren in a heartbeat. Congratulations on providing excellent and professional service with fantastic outcomes for your clients. What more could we ask for?