Jasmine Macri – Administrative Assistant / Sales Administrator

Our Treasure Hunt program was run really well and was enjoyed by all of us.  It was a great opportunity to get out of the office and have a good time, we love a bit of competition and so we enjoyed all of the challenges that were presented to us. Each activity that we participated in was challenging in its own way and kept us entertained and on our feet. Katie was extremely helpful and answered any questions I had straight away. Considering it’s a busy time of year and a lot of programs were being run at the time, I was given all the assistance I needed and more. Darren was excellent on the day. Very friendly and welcoming. He ran the activities with ease and helped everyone where he could. He explained everything very well and put up with our overly competitive nature. Thanks again for running such a wonderful day. Safe to say the team will be talking about it for a while!