Julien Richards

I think everyone had a really good day participating in the Ransom program! Since we are quite an office based team I think it was really good to get outside and get a bit of physical exercise in at the same time. I think finishing at the end at the pub was a great idea, a few of us stayed around for 2 to 3 hours after the event which was really good for the team building. I think the coordination was very good, I felt confident that the day was going to run smoothly. Speaking with Katie to organize the day and Darren on the day, I think all bases were covered. Darren was clear to explain all the tasks involved and was on the line in case anything went wrong (our team accidentally skipped one of the sections and the app didn’t seem to allow us to go back to it) we called Darren and he helped get us back on track. The team really loved the content from the day, I shared it around this morning and there were laughs around the office, a good way to start a Monday!