Amanda Ong – Assistant Manager – Assurance and Advisory Services

The Go Race event (now known as our Amazing Race) that we participated in was fantastic. It was an event where all of us were able to participate. It was definitely the team building event that we were after. The video is such a great take-away of the event. The co-ordination was fantastic. From our side, we did not have to do much in terms of logistics. Once we knew our start and end locations, everything was organised from there, which made it very convenient. Facilitation of the day was faultless. On behalf of RSM Bird Cameron – Audit Division, we would like to say a huge thank you to Katie, Darren and Nicole for holding such a great event. The whole day was challenging and it was such a great team building event where we were able to get to know other people in the office. We would definitely consider Total Team Building for another work function!