Rene Holtzhausen

For most of our employees our Charity Bike Build was the highlight of their day on Monday! Our management team were surprised by some people’s reaction to it (some introverts stepped in and took over the activity with the kids and not leaving them until they were almost on the bus). This gave us a window into some people that will help build more fulfilling relationships on site. The coordination from Total Team Building was very good, Katie and Darren did a lot of preparation and really listened and understood what we needed to get out of the event. The facilitation were very good as well. It was good that I could take part in the activity without having to worry about what needs to happen next. Thank you for a very well organized and facilitated event! It really hit the mark by giving our employees perspective and a way in which they could contribute to the community. These activities goes a long way in adding purpose to your job and feeling that you can make a difference even in a small way!