Loren Nepe

We can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to take part in your Charity Bike Build program. The kids have talked non-stop about how much they enjoyed the program and how touched they were to actually see the kids who had been chosen to receive the bikes, get to present the bikes and then help them learn to ride them. Some of the comments from the kids were: “Easily the best thing I have ever done”, “I felt so touched to see the kids and to have helped them”, “Such a worthwhile thing to do and we should do more of this”, “Awesome”, “The best feeling”, “I cried”, “Inspiring”, “Amazing – just can’t describe”, “Was a good feeling”, “Makes you realize how lucky we are”. We have every intention of including this activity in our Leadership Program each year. So very, very worthwhile and such a good way for our Leaders, indeed anyone, to give back to others less fortunate than themselves. Co-ordination was perfect, the program was extremely well designed and appropriate to the topic. Darren was a great facilitator and the kids thought he was awesome and fun. High praise indeed from our kids!