Lorraine Mitchell – Management Assistant – Integrated Projects Program

Participant Feedback – Survivor:

The Program:

  1. The program was challenging as well as entertaining.  The activities were certainly varied enough to challenge on several fronts while still allowing success and even a few laughs for all who participated.
  2. Venue was good and convenient but gave us the opportunity to “get remote” from the office so we could focus.  Activities were simple to understand (some more complex than others to actually do) and provided a great opportunity to bond in our groups.
  3. Program was interesting and thus well received by participants.
  4. Well prepared event with a good selection of team participating activities.
  5. I really enjoyed it – it was a fantastic opportunity for me to know my team  members better and see different side of them.

The Co-ordination:

  1. The co-ordination was well done and seemed quite well planned.
  2. Co-ordination was effective and appropriate.
  3. Games were well organised and well timed.  Combined team learning with having fun too.  Training leader was well prepared and with an easy-going style, great communication skills.
  4. Well co-ordinated and executed.

The Facilitation:

  1. The facilitation on the day was good.  Messaging was clear and aligned with the theme of the earlier office based theory activities.
  2. Excellent for the selected program; relaxing, close by and overall very convenient.
  3. Facilitator was good.
  4. Good – it was hard work for one person to facilitate all the activities for 20 people.


  1. Challenging and even a little confronting.  Most of all it was Good Fun.  Well done.
  2. Great afternoon and the weather even collaborated – not too hot and the rain just held off.
  3. Thankyou to Lorraine and Woodside team and TTB for a great and fun day.
  4. All good, thanks for organising.
  5. Thanks for organising and facilitating.