Various Participants

Treasure Hunt Program:

It was interesting and challenging.

The team building was really a great experience.

If was a lot of fun which allowed us to develop a more friendly and yet professional relationship among the team.

It was great to be a part of this program. As I hardly get any chance to spend time in the office so it was good to interact with the team and get to know each other.

I thought it was excellent, the mix of activities between physical activities and challenges was perfect.

The activities were fun.

Program Co-ordination:


The event was well organized. There was no time that it became boring. It was really exciting all the time. On-field coordination was good

Everything was well prepared.

TTB team was always ready to help and answer our questions about the games and puzzles.

Great, no further comments.

It was well-organized.


Nicole did great to set it up perfectly. Everything was all good and ready to go. We didn’t have to face any delay or any issue during the event, so I would say Nicole did outstanding work.

Great, everything went to time and flowed smoothly. A couple of times when we were falling behind we were given little clues to help us solve things, which was great – not enough to change the placings, but just enough to make sure we finished (a perfect balance).

She facilitated well and looked after the teams.


Good exercise and fun games.

Thank you.

Over all it was good experience, had some fun and enjoyed the day with the team in a lighter environment.