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Travel Managers Charity Team Event

Travel Managers contacted us looking for a charity based team event to be conducted at their annual conference in Adelaide. They wanted to create and donate some artwork to the little heroes foundation to go in the new $4 million dollar robotic rehabilitation centre and research unit for seriously ill children at the Womens and Childrens Hospital.

Naturally our Raw Canvas program was a perfect match and we were challenged with the task of coming up with a tailored concept and design that would incorporate and engage 220-240 delegates for this two and a half hour activity.

We divided the delegates into 36 teams and each team was responsible for painting 1 x 16”x 16” and 2 x 8”x 8” canvases. In total our artwork would consist of 108 canvases and when put together would make a huge collage artwork like the image below to be hung in the foyer of the new robotics centre.

Raw Canvas Design

Design Brief

The design brief given to each team was that they needed to create a collage type artwork that would be enticing to both children and adolescents for when they come into the centre. The theming of their artwork had to be based around the themes of:

  • Movement
  • Fun
  • Children
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration

They were given full creative licence to inspire with their designs. The style of art and how they interpreted the themes was totally up to them.

The End Result

After an energising start to the morning with our famous Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge, all teams knuckled down and got their creative juices flowing producing some amazing pieces of art. Everyone was engaged and had a fantastic time as their creations came to life. Seeing all artworks come together at the end was truly amazing. See for yourself – Check out the video below

Charity Team Event

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