The Amazing Race

Amazing Race Team Building Activity

The Amazing Race is an exciting fast paced event that will require teams to work together to overcome speed bumps, roadblocks and detours, as they race towards the pitstop.

Teams will need to out-smart and out-race their fellow competitors across a predetermined route that will see them stopping at numerous checkpoints with the ultimate goal of getting to the finish line in the quickest net time.

Whilst the race is a timed event, it’s not as simple as crossing the finish line first. Each checkpoint will require teams to complete a team challenge that may see them rewarded with time credits which will be deducted from their end finish time. This means that although you may cross the line first, another team may ultimately win the race.

This race uses our very own Amazing Race Smartphone app that guides teams around to GPS activated checkpoints. The amazing race offers you so much flexibility in that it can start and finish in any location and all activities are varied and provide a good mix of problem solving activities and fun recreational style challenges to ensure maximum participation and engagement. It really is the perfect match of technology and fun!

Outcomes: Leadership, Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork

The Amazing Race is perfect for:

  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Corporate & Social Events.
Amazing Race Team Building
Standard Activity Time: 2 - 3 Hours
Group Size: 6+

Location: Outdoor

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