Amazing Race Team Building Activity


Time: 2-4 Hours
Group Size: 6+
Location: Outdoors

The Amazing Race is an exciting fast paced event that will require teams to work together to overcome roadblocks and obstacles as they race around the city.

Teams will need to out-smart and out-race their fellow competition across a predetermined route that will see them stopping at numerous checkpoints with the ultimate goal of getting to the finish line in the quickest net time.

Whilst the race is a timed event, it’s not as simple as crossing the finish line first. Each checkpoint will require teams to complete a team challenge and depending upon their success they may be rewarded with time credits which will be deducted from their end finish time to give them an overall net time. This means that although you may cross the line first, another team may ultimately win the race.

This race uses QR Code technology where teams use their smart phones to scan QR codes that provide them with location and checkpoint clues.

The amazing race offers you so much flexibility in that it can start and finish in any location and all activities are varied and provide a good mix of problem solving type activities and fun recreational style challenges to ensure maximum participation and engagement.

  • Leadership

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication

  • Teamwork


Here is just a sample of what our past clients thought about the Amazing Race.

Viridian Logo

The Amazing Race program was planned & structured to incorporate specific elements of the strategy we were presenting to our employees, rather than being an off the shelf/one size fits all program. Katie & Darren provided great guidance in how to best get across our messages to our employees. This allowed us to debrief the Amazing Race activities during our afternoon strategy presentation and link these activities back to the strategy. During our Amazing Race it was very clear that all of our employees were having a great time and enjoyed the various challenges put in front of them. All employees were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves, and the program allowed them to do this in a supportive environment. It was fantastic for our Management Team to be looking at 70 happy, excited and a little bit tired employees at the end of our event. Many employees have asked when we will be able to organise another event. The coordination & preparation of our event was first class. We had ongoing discussions regarding the various activities, the schedule for the event and contingency plans should the weather be unfavourable. In the days leading up to the event it looked as though we would need to go with Plan B due to forecast heavy rain. Total Team Building planned accordingly, leaving the decision as late as possible and staying in touch with us. Fortunately the weather held out and we were able to proceed as originally scheduled. On the day Darren & the team of facilitators were outstanding in coordinating with each other at the various checkpoints, ensuring each activity ran smoothly and that each employee was getting the most out of the experience. It was also great that our Management Team that were not participating in the Race were able to tag along to watch and assist wherever possible. We could not have asked for a better run, more effective, enjoyable event, especially given the very reasonable cost for the morning’s activities. Thank you so much to Darren, Katie & the team, and we look forward to working with you again soon. Thank you all again!!!

Graeme LiddleProduction Manager WA – Viridian New World Glass

Play Learn Logo

The Amazing Race was amazing, all the games and activities were not only fun but they also tested and improved our team work skills. From the very beginning to the very end this experience has been so well organized. I liaised with Katie and Darren and always had a reply within 24 hours. Darren and Nicole were well organized on the day and everything went so smoothly, you made my job so easy! Darren and Nicole were great, they made the afternoon so enjoyable and fun, we look forward to holding another event with Total Team Building in the future. I also received the goodies in the mail yesterday – thanks so very much, we will be adding the photos into our next Staff Newsletter. I will also be spending big at Timezone with our tickets! Thank you!

Kelsi ThompsonAdministration Officer - Play & Learn

logoThe activities in our Amazing Race were varied and made us use our brains, more than we do at work! The race was really well organised and catered to all abilities. I had good feedback about the race and how well it was organised and we would definitely do something like this again. Thanks again for a great afternoon. My team had more fun than they expected, and said they would like to do it again!

Jo-Ann Denney – Contracts Administration Assistant – Inpex

Jo-Ann DenneyContracts Administration Assistant - Inpex


The Amazing Race event that we participated in was fantastic. It was an event where all of us were able to participate. It was definitely the team building event that we were after. The video is such a great take-away of the event. The co-ordination was fantastic. From our side, we did not have to do much in terms of logistics. Once we knew our start and end locations, everything was organised from there, which made it very convenient. Facilitation of the day was faultless. On behalf of RSM Bird Cameron – Audit Division, we would like to say a huge thank you to Katie, Darren and Nicole for holding such a great event. The whole day was challenging and it was such a great team building event where we were able to get to know other people in the office. We would definitely consider Total Team Building for another work function!

Amanda Ong – Assistant Manager – Assurance and Advisory Services – RSM Bird Cameron

Amanda OngAssistant Manager - Assurance and Advisory Services - RSM Bird Cameron

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