Bridging The Gap

Bridge The Gap Team Building Activities

If you are looking for a unique program that inspires the outcomes below, combined with a great sense of achievement, then Bridging the Gap is for you!

In this challenge each team will need to construct a bridge using carefully selected building materials such as Pop Sticks, Straws, Paper etc. that will “bridge a gap” and allow the team remote control car to travel from one side of the room to the other on the new Super Highway.

Teams will need to adhere to design & construction specifications but ultimately all teams will need to come together as one in order for them to succeed in their task of building the new super highway and getting the car from one side of the room to the other.

Bridging the Gap can be referenced and themed towards many different scenarios within the corporate world. This bridge represents a metaphor that we all play an important role in the success of the operation. When there are gaps within the organisation, its a lot harder to achieve our goals. We need to trust that the bridge is accountable and can support us in getting us to our end destination.

One of the biggest roadblocks companies can face is change! Company structures, staffing, procedures and policies change at a rapid rate and some of us take longer than others to embrace or adapt to change. Bridging the Gap can represent the movement towards the other side and the welcoming of a new start. This program requires the team to make this change all together as one united team.

Outcomes: Problem Solving, Planning, Collaboration, Communication, Delegation, Teamwork

Bridging The Gap is perfect for:

  • Indoor Team Building
  • Corporate Events.
Standard Activity Time: 2 Hours

Group Size: 6+
Location: Indoor

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