Bike Build Team Building Program


Time: 2-3 Hours
Group Size: 6+
Location: Indoors

This amazing heart felt program is designed to challenge teams and create an opportunity to give back to the community.

Not only will there be a winning team that will face all challenges and build the best bike, but everyone will be a winner when they discover that the bikes they have built are being donated to children in need from a designated charity.

Teams will be issued with a series of activities that will require them to communicate and work together creatively to complete them. Once all activities are completed the bike building will begin. Once all bikes have been built and checked for safety, the winning team will be announced and medals awarded. This is when the magic happens. What teams don’t know is that these bikes are being donated to some deserving children from a chosen charity.

We will endeavour to have children present for the handover, however if that isn’t possible we will at least arrange for a representative from the charity to accept the bikes on their behalf.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Time Management

  • Communication

  • Teamwork


Over 700 bikes have been built and donated to some well deserving kids through our Charity Bike Build CSR program.

Just some of the charities we work with...


Here is just a sample of what our past clients felt about Charity Bike Build.

“It was a special experience for me and a nice surprise to have team building associated with philanthropy. I haven’t experienced that before and it was a great feeling. I also thought he was a great facilitator. ”

“Inspirational and worthy. Really made me feel good to see those kids get the bikes. I’m glad there was a real bike mechanic there…..”

“Excellent activity enforcing company values by having team building associated with philanthropy. Very high on ‘feel good’ factor.”

“Best team building ever for NC conference. Really like this one especially involving with charity bike.”

“What was most enjoyable was the Team Building challenge – it was a surprise at the end to hear of bikes being given away to such a great charity. Meeting up with the kids was also great. A heartwarming experience in the midst of our busy lives! ”

“Really good! Was nice to be able to give the bike to the charity.”

“A great activity. I didn’t realise we would also do other team building challenges. It was interesting to see each persons personalities coming out when the pressure was on… The Charity Bike Build seemed really popular with the team. I’ve heard some very positive feedback, and everyone enjoyed meeting the kids who got the bikes, and it felt like it wasn’t just a “waste of corporate money and time” activity.”

“Again, an excellent idea. Very novel.”

Various Participants Roche


Loved it. Lots of positive feedback and comments that the presentation of the bikes was a real tear jerker moment. The co-ordination was excellent! I was kept well informed before the event and Darren is a great facilitator. Overall it was a very positive experience. I hope we can use your services again someday.

Shelley Campbell Precedent


The staff were very happy with the Charity Bike Build program. There was a very positive buzz in the room while the activities were being carried out and everyone was involved. I particularly appreciated the Make a Wish Foundation volunteers coming in to collect the bikes and tell us about what the foundation does. Darren did a great job in coordinating and facilitating the event. As I only approached you at the last minute, it was great that you were able to provide your service at such short notice.

Leigh Olver Head of Primary School - International School of WA


The “Charity Bike Build” was the perfect team building activity for our group. Both challenging and fun with lots of other activities to keep people fully engaged in the morning. Having the children come to collect their bicycles at the end imbued meaning to the activity. The smiles on their faces will always be remembered!

From the very beginning, until it was all packed up, communications with Katie and Darren were professional, easy and extremely well handled. There was good consideration of issues such as safety and logistics and flexibility as required. We appreciated the extras such as the photos taken on the day which help to recall our learnings back in the workplace. We couldn’t be happier with the service and recommend Total Team Building highly.

Meredith Blais Water Corporation

LogoOur Charity Bike Build was a really great day, everyone got involved and enjoyed it. The team exercises were fun and thought provoking. To be able to present the bikes to the children made the whole event very special. The facilitation on the day was excellent, the 2 coordinators had the right level of professionalism and the appropriate personalities and interaction skills to make the event successful. Many thanks for a great event.

Doug McintyreGeneral Manager - Oil & Gas - Monadelphous


We can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to take part in your Charity Bike Build program. The kids have talked non-stop about how much they enjoyed the program and how touched they were to actually see the kids who had been chosen to receive the bikes, get to present the bikes and then help them learn to ride them. Some of the comments from the kids were: “Easily the best thing I have ever done”, “I felt so touched to see the kids and to have helped them”, “Such a worthwhile thing to do and we should do more of this”, “Awesome”, “The best feeling”, “I cried”, “Inspiring”, “Amazing – just can’t describe”, “Was a good feeling”, “Makes you realize how lucky we are”. We have every intention of including this activity in our Leadership Program each year. So very, very worthwhile and such a good way for our Leaders, indeed anyone, to give back to others less fortunate than themselves. Co-ordination was perfect, the program was extremely well designed and appropriate to the topic. Darren was a great facilitator and the kids thought he was awesome and fun. High praise indeed from our kids!

Loren NepeWA College of Agriculture Harvey

The Charity Bike Build was fantastic! The challenges the teams did were great & entertaining…but the main event was awesome! When the bikes were built and our franchisees realized these were for little kids who didn’t get a lot, the mood in the room changed. The facilitation was brilliant! Even with 1 weeks’ notice the event was run perfectly! Chad was awesome on the day – arrived early, responded great with our team, took charge & delivered a great lot of challenges! Well done! We were, still are, extremely happy that we chose Total Team Building and the activity that we did. Hats off to Chad, for facilitating so well!

Kristy PendleburyGutter-Vac

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