Pirates Of The Swan

Pirates of the Swan Team Building Activity

The combination to the chest is what you seek. Solving the Pirate Code is not for the weak. Decipher your clues to earn your reward. Let’s hope that your team are still all on board.

Pirates of the Swan revolves around the exhilarating sport of sailing, a versatile and enjoyable activity that provides participants with a real feeling of teamwork, accomplishment and satisfaction. In this challenge, teams will set sail on the Swan River aboard Foundation 36 yachts, to track down clues in a quest to solve the pirate code and unlock the Pirates of the Swan Treasure Chest!

No previous sailing experience is required! On board an experienced instructor will give teams a crash course in sailing and depending upon the number of boats, teams will either have to sail their way to certain locations on the swan to track down clues or Race other crews over a series of races to earn them. Leadership, trust, communication and teamwork are just some of the essential skills needed during this exhilarating program.

When teams are back on dry land they will need to work together to navigate their way through a series of team obstacles and challenges in order to get to the treasure chest. The final challenge involves solving the pirate code and opening the treasure chest. The team that can unlock the treasure chest first will win the contents inside.

Outcomes: Trust, Communication, Teamwork, Decision Making

Pirates of the Swan is perfect for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Social Events.
Sailing Team Building
Standard Activity Time: 3.5 Hours
Group Size: 6+

Location: Outdoor

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