Raw Canvas

Raw Canvas Team Building Activities

Raw Canvas is a painting team building event that will bring out the inner artist and tap into your team’s creative side.

This event gives you plenty of flexibility in that it can be structured in many ways and is open to any theming that you want to put in place for the day.

During the initial briefing, delegates will be put into teams and told that they will each need to create their very own artwork.

There are 3 ways that you can run your Raw Canvas.

  • Firstly you can allow each team the flexibility to come up with their own design and theme, then paint that onto their canvas.  
  • Secondly, you can provide teams with guidelines and a specific theme that they all need to follow with their artwork. 
  • Or lastly, you could have a pre-designed artwork that is stencilled onto all canvases either prior to the program or during the planning stages. Then teams simply get an allocated piece to colour in. Think colour by numbers.

Ultimately though the overall goal is for all teams to join their canvases together to create one collaborative masterpiece that will showcase the team’s vision.

No doubt something special will be created and will look great on the office wall as a reminder of the power of working as one.

Outcomes: Creativity, Collaboration, Delegation, Fun

Raw Canvas is perfect for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Indoor Team Building
Painting team building activity
Standard Activity Time: 2 - 2.5 Hours
Group Size: 6+

Location: Indoor

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