The Vault

The Vault Team Building Activities

The Vault is an interactive game of collaboration and teamwork where all team members must work as one.

The team must retrieve the rare and priceless “Golden Eagle” from the TTB museums main vault. The key to opening the vault lies within finding the ancient artwork and hieroglyphics decoder hidden somewhere within the museum. Moving through the museum will not be easy as the museum is protected by a series of alarms, pressure sensors and movement detectors.

Each room will present your team with an obstacle or challenge that will require them to work together in order for them to succeed in their mission. If your team manages to reach the Vault they must work quickly and decisively to decipher the code or risk being caught.

Designed as an indoor team building event, this simulated game is a one team event, ideally suited for a group size under 30. You can expect a very interactive and enjoyable experience for all involved and a challenging experience that has many learning based outcomes. Is your team ready for “THE VAULT”?

Outcomes: Collaboration, Communication, Time Management, Teamwork, Trust

The Vault is perfect for:

  • Indoor Team Building
  • Corporate Events.
The Vault Indoor Team Building
Standard Activity Time: 2 Hours
Group Size: 6 - 30 Pax
Location: Indoor

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