Peabody Energy – Charity Bike Build Event

Today the Moorvale Team united as one to create something special for 6 lucky children.

The Event

The group was challenged with a variety of team building activities to earn valuable bike parts. Once all tasks were done they only had 25 minutes to build the bikes!

Mission complete with 2.5 minutes remaining…

As a result, lots of fun and certainly some great teamwork and camaraderie were shown. They successfully completed all their tasks and were able to build their bikes within the given timeframe.

Congratulations team and best of luck on your new adventures.


A hotly contested corporate event was had by the staff from QRME last week. The event was Go race Toowoomba and thats exactly what they did! Six team raced to checkpoint around the city earning time bonuses and penalties. At the end of the race it was the team with the least amount of time on their clock wins..
The Yellow team were victorious and took home the spoils of victory and the Glory to be called the Go race Toowoomba champions!


Geo-metric Surveying enjoyed a Scavenger hunt around Brisbane for their team day last week. The participants enjoyed the team building activities as they went head to head against the other teams. Brisbane being such a great location for an outdoor team building event the 3 teams really worked hard trying to be the Scavenger hunt Champions!
The video shows plenty of great photos and also highlights the winning team…


The team from the Sunshine Coast University spent a few hours completing some fun team challenges earning some bike parts during their team building program. Once they completed the challenges and had all the parts the teams then had the task constructing the bikes! It was a great afternoon capped off by donating them to three lucky children from the Pyjama Foundation Charity.

Thanks for your hard word everyone and we hope you enjoyed your Charity Bike Building program.

Youth Lifestyle options – Charity Bike Build

Fun in the sun was the plan today for the Youth Life Style Options charity bike build event. The group split into 3 groups and built bikes for 3 lucky children from the Pyjama Foundation. Great weather and great people!