CSL – Charity Bike Build

The staff at CSL worked hard today in their Charity Bike Build program in Melbourne. The 7 teams completed activities to earn pieces of a children’s bike. Once all were completed the teams set out building the bikes as best they could. The special moment followed as the bikes were then donated to the Bully Zero Foundation who offered them to 7 lucky children.. It was a great day with fun and energising activities with a charitable outcome.. Well done team..

Box Hill Senior Secondary College – The vault

The students at Box Hill Senior Secondary College worked as one team last week to attempt to open the Vault and steal the Golden Eagle. This “one team” challenge offers great activities that require teamwork to complete. As the team successfully complete the given tasks they earn clues to the code of the Vault safe.. Its ok to get to the Vault but can you decipher the codes and open the Vault?

Fulton Hogan – Charity Event

2014-03-12 22.49.31The Staff at Fulton Hogan enjoyed some fun but challenging activities with our facilitator Kate as they pieced together some children’s bikes. The team were tested with a variety of activities  that tested their teamwork and communication skills. The teams did very well and after all the bikes were constructed they were donated to some lucky children from Berry St Charity. Thanks everyone you have made a big impact of those 3 children’s lives..

You can view the full video below.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the event?

Essendon Football Club – Charity Bike Build

The fantastic staff at Essendon Football Club united last week for a Charity team Building event. The 50 strong team created 10 teams and competed against each other in activities to earn bike parts. They had many pieces to collect and when all pieces were acquired they constructed the bikes. What was really special was at the end of the program we had some special visitors from the Bully Zero foundation including the CEO Oscar Yildiz and 10 lucky children who took the bikes home.It was  a great feeling as the  children accepted the bikes and the smiles went from ear to ear! It was the true spirit of Xmas and the spirit of the Essendon Football Club.

Thankyou everyone for your hard work and your kind donation….


Minute program last Friday. The delegates went head to head against the clock to complete the simple looking but challenging 60 second tasks. Some great shots and videos can be seen!
Well done everybody and I’m sure you will enjoy the video.
Thanks for having Total team Building be a part of your Xmas celebrations.


The energetic team from JBA Digital enjoyed there team building event in Melbourne CBD last week. The 3 teams raced around the CBD collecting items, taking photos and competing team building activities as quickly as they could.
There was one team at the end who showed dominance most of the day and claimed victory… Well done Pink Team.

Suncorp Charity Bike Build

Suncorp kindly gathered their team and built 7 bikes for for charity. They first had to work hard and earn the parts and then came the task to build them. Mission Australia accepted the bikes on the children’s behalf on the day…
Thankyou Suncorp you have helped to enhance 7 children’s lives..

Thankyou Suncorp…

Planisphere Charity Bike Build

The team at Planisphere built 3 bikes for Mission Australia who gave them to some worthy recipients. The teams had to complete various challenges to earn the bike parts before building the bike themselves.
A great day was had and everyone took something away with them.
Well done team you did a great job and made a huge difference to someone else’s life.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the day?

Charity Bike Build with NAB

The team from NAB on their team building afternoon built 4 bikes on their charity bike build event this week and donated them to Mission Australia who will pass on to 4 lucky children. The teams were challenged with some interesting team building tasks to earn the bike parts then to build the bikes from scratch. The bikes were at the end of the day in pretty good shape (although the red bike needed a little more mechanical adjustments than the others) but all were safe and well built prior to them going to their new home.
It was a fun afternoon thanks NAB!

We would love to hear NAB, What did you think of your bike building skills?

Lucky Charm Rat Race Challenge

The Team from Lucky Charm News agencies enjoyed a fast and furious Rat Race around Melbourne. The teams were given tasks to complete and race to the next checkpoint as quickly as they could. Chad challenged the teams with many tasks that kept them busy the whole time. At the end of the event we were left with a winning team, plenty of great photos and memories. Thanks again Lucky Charm… We hope you enjoyed your Rat race!

We would love to hear your thoughts?