BHP Billiton – Barefoot Bowls Tournament

Thanks to the team from BHP Billiton for participating in their Barefoot Bowls program at South Perth Bowls Club on Tuesday. What a great way for a team to get together at the end of the year or anytime really for a social game of bowls with a bit of a competitive twist!

The battle was fierce with a clear leading team all day long until that is, the pressure of the Grand Final set in and the RED TEAM pipped them at the post to take out the tournament – well done guys!

Barefoot Bowls


Geo-metric Surveying enjoyed a Scavenger hunt around Brisbane for their team day last week. The participants enjoyed the team building activities as they went head to head against the other teams. Brisbane being such a great location for an outdoor team building event the 3 teams really worked hard trying to be the Scavenger hunt Champions!
The video shows plenty of great photos and also highlights the winning team…


A great day out in Canberra with the team from Defence housing. The teams went head to head collecting items, taking photos and answering questions with the purpose to earn as many points as possible. The weather turned it on for a beautiful day and the teams were competitive which set the scene for a great event!

Only one team could win and watch the video to see all the great pics and also who was victorious on the day…


The team from the Sunshine Coast University spent a few hours completing some fun team challenges earning some bike parts during their team building program. Once they completed the challenges and had all the parts the teams then had the task constructing the bikes! It was a great afternoon capped off by donating them to three lucky children from the Pyjama Foundation Charity.

Thanks for your hard word everyone and we hope you enjoyed your Charity Bike Building program.

Eco Environmental Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to the team from Eco Environmental for a great afternoon on Friday for their Scavenger Hunt. What started out as as even race, ended up in a land slide win to the YELLOW team.

Here are the overall scores for the afternoon:

1st Place     YELLOW TEAM     3600 points

2nd Place   RED TEAM             3090 points

3rd Place    BLUE TEAM          2330 points

Please find a short video below containing some great photo’s from their program:

Beaumont Tiles Team Treasure Hunt at Mclarens landing

The Team at Beaumont Tiles were treated to a fantastic afternoon at Mclarens Landing on South Stradbroke Island.

As they arrived Total Team Building were ready to facilitate an action packed Treasure Hunt Team Building Activity for the 165 strong group.

20 Teams raced around the island searching for hidden activities that they had to complete prior to approaching the treasure chest.

After all activities were completed one team cracked the chest well ahead of their rivals and victory was theirs!

The winning teams enjoyed all the Treasures inside and soaked up the Glory! Well done team!

We would love to hear your comments about the day..

Suncorp Charity Bike Build

Suncorp kindly gathered their team and built 7 bikes for for charity. They first had to work hard and earn the parts and then came the task to build them. Mission Australia accepted the bikes on the children’s behalf on the day…
Thankyou Suncorp you have helped to enhance 7 children’s lives..

Thankyou Suncorp…

Planisphere Charity Bike Build

The team at Planisphere built 3 bikes for Mission Australia who gave them to some worthy recipients. The teams had to complete various challenges to earn the bike parts before building the bike themselves.
A great day was had and everyone took something away with them.
Well done team you did a great job and made a huge difference to someone else’s life.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the day?

Charity Bike Build with NAB

The team from NAB on their team building afternoon built 4 bikes on their charity bike build event this week and donated them to Mission Australia who will pass on to 4 lucky children. The teams were challenged with some interesting team building tasks to earn the bike parts then to build the bikes from scratch. The bikes were at the end of the day in pretty good shape (although the red bike needed a little more mechanical adjustments than the others) but all were safe and well built prior to them going to their new home.
It was a fun afternoon thanks NAB!

We would love to hear NAB, What did you think of your bike building skills?

Lucky Charm Rat Race Challenge

The Team from Lucky Charm News agencies enjoyed a fast and furious Rat Race around Melbourne. The teams were given tasks to complete and race to the next checkpoint as quickly as they could. Chad challenged the teams with many tasks that kept them busy the whole time. At the end of the event we were left with a winning team, plenty of great photos and memories. Thanks again Lucky Charm… We hope you enjoyed your Rat race!

We would love to hear your thoughts?