Connolly Primary School Scavenger Hunt

Congrats to the team from Connolly Primary School who all came together on Saturday afternoon to compete in our Scavenger Hunt Challenge. All 7 teams dressed up for the occasion which really added to the theme of the event. Everyone had great spirit and I had a lot of fun running your event.

Scavenger Hunt Team Photo

Below you will find a video of the best photos taken for the day.

The best dressed team for the day (as judged by Darren) were the Evil Angels (EA’s). They had a little bit of naughty and nice going on. Well done girls.

Team Photo

Best Dressed Team

The Final Scores: Drum roll please…In the end there can only be one winner, Congrats Red Team (Lady Birds) on a great score and a great team effort.


  1. Red Team – 4460 points
  2. Blue Team – 4370 points
  3. Black Team – 4300 points
  4. Green Team – 4090 points
  5. White Team – 3860 points
  6. Yellow Team – 3790 points
  7. Orange Team – 3740 points





It was an absolute pleasure running your scavenger hunt programs so once again thank you to everyone who participated.

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