First National Real Estate Patience Treasure Hunt

It was great to work with the group from First National Real Estate Patience in Perth again this year and facilitate their Treasure Hunt XMAS Party.

Each team really got into the day and enjoyed participating in the perfect mix of recreational and puzzle based activities. The YELLOW team were lucky enough to be the team who gained access to the Treasure Chest first and got to enjoy the spoils. Well done to the other teams though on a great job well done.

Treasure Hunt

GESB – Barefoot Bowls Tournament

A good morning was had by the team from GESB in Perth during their Barefoot Bowls team building activity on Friday. This is a fantastic program that allows you to build your team relationships while spending some social time together.

Check out the video for some photo’s from the day:

Barefoot Bowls

The pair from the Purple team were victors on the day.

Gumala Aboriginal Corporation Scavenger Hunt

Another end of year function completed on Friday by the team from Gumala Aboriginal Corporation who participated in a Scavenger Hunt around Perth.

3 teams battled it out to be the team who accumulated the most amount of points by locating well known landmarks/statues around the CBD, taking photo’s and collecting items. There could only be one winner however and luckily for them it was the ORANGE TEAM – Congratulations!

Scavenger Hunt

Final Scores were as follows:

1st = ORANGE 3980 points

2nd = WHITE 3440 points

3rd = YELLOW 2230 points

Please see the short video below for some team photo’s taken on the day:

Eco Environmental Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to the team from Eco Environmental for a great afternoon on Friday for their Scavenger Hunt. What started out as as even race, ended up in a land slide win to the YELLOW team.

Here are the overall scores for the afternoon:

1st Place     YELLOW TEAM     3600 points

2nd Place   RED TEAM             3090 points

3rd Place    BLUE TEAM          2330 points

Please find a short video below containing some great photo’s from their program:


Another year working with the group from Woodside Energy and another fantastic program. This year saw 35 teams participate in our Rat Race around the grounds of the University Club of Western Australia. Visiting 8 “Hot Spots” teams were racing to be the team to cross the finish line in the fastest possible time.

It was a fast and furious 1 hour program which had teams compete in a number of games and solve some puzzling questions.


It was a tight finish with the first team to cross the line incurring a time penalty due to an incorrect answer which resulted in Team Number 9 who crossed the line third becoming victorious on the day with a Net Finish Time of: 12:05:56.


Take a look at the video below which contains a few photo’s from the day:


Thanks very much to the team from BHP Billiton for inviting us up to Yandi minesite to facilitate their Win it in a Minute program this week. Great fun was had by all participants as they faced off against each other to complete their challenge within 60 seconds.


It was a very close race with only 100 points separating 1st and 3rd place. Scores can be found below:

1st Place – Blue Team 700 Points

2nd Place – Red Team 650 Points

3rd Place – Yellow Team 600 Points

Please see the video below for some photo’s of the days events and included activities:


A relaxing afternoon was had by the team from Orbium Group as they participated in their Barefoot Bowls program last week during their stay in Perth. What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with your team having a social game of bowls.

This program would be a great idea for your upcoming XMAS party.





Check out some photo’s from their event in the video below:


It was great to have the team from Orbium Group visit us here in Perth last week and take part in one of our Charity Bike Build programs. Building and donating 6 bikes to the lucky kids from Clayton View Primary School was very much appreciated.

It was a close finish, but the “Light Blue” team managed to have the best built bike on the day and earn the most points across the days activities.


Scores from the day can be found below:

1st – Light Blue – 11 Points
2nd – Orange – 8 1/2 Points
2nd – Maroon – 8 1/2 Points
4th – Blue – 8 Points
5th – Yellow – 7 1/2 Points
6th – Black – 6 Points

Below is a video with some images of the days activities:

Connolly Primary School Scavenger Hunt

Congrats to the team from Connolly Primary School who all came together on Saturday afternoon to compete in our Scavenger Hunt Challenge. All 7 teams dressed up for the occasion which really added to the theme of the event. Everyone had great spirit and I had a lot of fun running your event.

Scavenger Hunt Team Photo

Below you will find a video of the best photos taken for the day.

The best dressed team for the day (as judged by Darren) were the Evil Angels (EA’s). They had a little bit of naughty and nice going on. Well done girls.

Team Photo

Best Dressed Team

The Final Scores: Drum roll please…In the end there can only be one winner, Congrats Red Team (Lady Birds) on a great score and a great team effort.


  1. Red Team – 4460 points
  2. Blue Team – 4370 points
  3. Black Team – 4300 points
  4. Green Team – 4090 points
  5. White Team – 3860 points
  6. Yellow Team – 3790 points
  7. Orange Team – 3740 points





It was an absolute pleasure running your scavenger hunt programs so once again thank you to everyone who participated.

Feel free to leave any comments below.





Well it was an early start for the team from BHP Billiton on their Go Race throughout Perth this morning. 3 teams battled it out to be the fastest team to reach the pit-stop all while incurring time credits and time penalties at each challenge along the way. Final finish times can be found below:

RED TEAM: 10:28am

YELLOW TEAM: 10:45am

GREEN TEAM: 10:59am


What a great idea to get your team out of the office and working together in their very own Amazing Race!



Please find a short video below with some photo’s from the day.