Team Building Activities

We have a great selection of fun themed programs, activities, exercises & games for your next corporate or team event. Our programs work because they have been specifically designed to be fun, engaging and beneficial to all people who participate. Below you will find our complete list of our outdoor activities, indoor activities & charity programs. So if you are looking for activity ideas, simply scroll down and take a look.

Outdoor Programs

We have a selection of outdoor activities and programs that will not only ensure a morning or afternoon of fun, but also create an opportunity for the team to test, develop and build their communication skills and ability to work together. The effectiveness of these outdoor events cannot be underestimated and should become a regular addition to your teams development plan.

outdoor team building activities

Indoor Programs

The reality is that you can’t always get outside to participate in a team building program and that could be for a number of reasons such as: location, scheduling or weather. This doesn’t mean that you should miss out or have to include something sub par just because that is all that’s on offer. We can ensure that you get the quality indoor activity you need and want that fits into the conditions you are faced with. We have a great selection of indoor programs that will certainly test your team on how well they can work together. At the same time they are loads of fun and will no doubt become a talking point for a long time to come.

Indoor Team Building

Charity Programs

It can often be very hard to come up with new and exciting programs each and every time especially ones that are going to have a positive and long lasting effect on your team. For this reason I would encourage you to consider a charity program for your next event. These days when corporations and companies are working hard to become more socially responsible, it is exciting when a new opportunity arises for an organisation to give back. When you decide to invest in a charity program, you are not only ensuring a fantastic avenue to assess, develop and grow your team, but you are also helping those in need get a step up and the effect that has on a team cannot be measured.

Charity Team Building

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Charity Team Building

What We Can Offer You:

Experiential Learning Experience

Each program or activity provides an experiential learning experience for your group whereby the elements of teamwork are being learned in a sub-conscious way. When people are having fun and enjoying themselves they are more open to learning and this only helps to further develop that team and group bond.

Tailored To Your Needs And Outcomes

All our activities and programs can be tailored with specific needs. When planning your event our goal is to turn your ideas and make it fun and engaging for all whist still touching on your specific outcomes. The trick is to get that balance right and our skilled program coordinators do a very good job at it. All exercises and games are professionally organised and facilitated to ensure a memorable event is had by all.

Any Location

We are a mobile team building company so all of our programs can be run in just about any location. We operate right across Australia and have a presence in most capital cities: Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. So no matter where you are; in the corporate office, at a hotel conference room, in the city, at the beach or at a park, we have a program suitable for you. All ideas and activities can be tailored to suit both location and outcomes.

Any Group Size

We can tailor all most all activity programs to any size group. No matter if you are a group of 5 or have a group of 500+, we can accommodate you with one of our programs. All our activities have been specifically designed to allow for this flexibility in group numbers.

Not Sure What Your Looking For?

Give our friendly team a call and they will help you in determining the right program for your group. Based on the questions they will ask you, they will be able to give you some ideas and will be able to properly match the right programs to your outcomes, goals and group.

What Next?

Check out each one of our programs to see which one are suitable for your group or Send An Online Enquiry and we will put together a proposal with recommended activities.