Various Participants

“It was a special experience for me and a nice surprise to have team building associated with philanthropy. I haven’t experienced that before and it was a great feeling. I also thought he was a great facilitator. ”

“Inspirational and worthy. Really made me feel good to see those kids get the bikes. I’m glad there was a real bike mechanic there…..”

“Excellent activity enforcing company values by having team building associated with philanthropy. Very high on ‘feel good’ factor.”

“Best team building ever for NC conference. Really like this one especially involving with charity bike.”

“What was most enjoyable was the Team Building challenge – it was a surprise at the end to hear of bikes being given away to such a great charity. Meeting up with the kids was also great. A heartwarming experience in the midst of our busy lives! ”

“Really good! Was nice to be able to give the bike to the charity.”

“A great activity. I didn’t realise we would also do other team building challenges. It was interesting to see each persons personalities coming out when the pressure was on… The Charity Bike Build seemed really popular with the team. I’ve heard some very positive feedback, and everyone enjoyed meeting the kids who got the bikes, and it felt like it wasn’t just a “waste of corporate money and time” activity.”

“Again, an excellent idea. Very novel.”