Neil Brook – HSE Manager – Western Region

Our Pirates of the Swan program was a fantastic day and very well run by Darren. The sailing was unique and bought out some characteristics in the guys we hadn’t seen before and the activates after the sailing had a great balance of team work, skill and requirement for clear communication.Whilst we arrived a little late due to some coordination issues, we were met with a smile by Darren who helped us pick up lost time by having everything so organized and ready to go. The event ran smoothly and the activities were fun yet challenging enough to keep everyone enthused.

I think the balance on the day between on the water and land activities was perfect. The location was brilliant as it provided enough shade during the land activities and even the sailing club locals cheering us on as we participated.

The communication from first contact through the website, to execution on the day was also perfect. It made it easy to organise with little effort from our side.